Equilibrium is an audio-visual project with a series of 15+1 large scale photographs, taking the viewer on an emotional journey into a world beyond the natural balance we know: nature turning hostile, our planet developing towards a new equilibrium. We humans depend on a well-composed set of environmental variables. Questions arise: How much change can we survive? How much risk are we willing to take?


Unlock the Full Project:

Why is there a paywall for viewing the content?

Working on the Equilibrium project took five years for planning, scouting, shooting, post processing, and presentation. This all didn't come for free. Therefore, I would kindly ask you for an admission fee of 5 USD for viewing Equilibrium. From your subscription 1 USD (20%) is donated to an environmental organization, presently the Global Footprint Network for environmental education and sustainable policies, Client Earth for the legal backbone, and UNEP for the big picture and boots on the ground. Thank you for your understanding and help!

What you will get inside:

  • 15 photographs (up to 8k resolution)
  • copyright layer on the images removed
  • 15 soundtracks (about 30 sec each)
  • Unlimited access, return for free any time

For the best experience please make sure to listen to the soundtracks with headphones or hifi-speakers. Some of the high and low frequencies might not be audible through the speakers of your computer.

If you have subscribed already and already have an account, please use the link below: