Your Personalized Private Photography Workshop

The concept is simple:
Why share the attention with all others in a group?
Let’s focus on you for the best learning experience.
Highly customized for what you wish and need.

Request availability via contact button, bottom left.
For better understanding, please let me know:
Where would you like the workshop take place?
Which date(s) and what duration do you prefer?
What are your photographic interests?
What would you like to learn or focus on?

Wherever, Whenever, Whoever

Any skill level from zero to advanced
Any time of the year of your liking
Any place on the globe of your liking
Any duration of your liking

Tuition Fees

6 hours (some locations): 1500 USD
full day (min 12 hours): 3000 USD
each additional day: 1000 USD

bring up to three friends for free

My workshops used to be offered in Venice only.
Now you can choose any location you like.
Instead of you coming to me, I will come to you.
Let’s meet wherever you get inspired most.