born 1975 in fürstenfeldbruck, germany. works and lives nomadically

masters business economics – silly attempt of starting a serious life
trained journalist – there was a time we were the good ones

The first decade of his childhood Arved was growing up abroad in Pakistan and Turkey. After returning to Germany for school and education, in his teens he is given an old Minolta SLR by his aunt – the first step into photography. Though developing a passion as a hobbyist, his professional career follows a different path: high school majors in physics and geography, a master’s degree in business economics, traineeship as a journalist, followed by a career as (writing) reporter and later editor for the departments of economy and foreign affairs at Germany’s leading news agency dpa. 2009 he breaks with his prior professional life and decides to fully focus on photography. First freelance jobs take him to Ireland, Austria, France, and Egypt. When moving to Italy 2012, he develops a new concept for teaching photography and starts to grow a photography workshop business while also working on the Venice Monochrome series. 2015 he partly moves to Iceland and starts working on his biggest project up to date: Equilibrium. Presently, Arved is based in Malta but works and lives nomadically.