Born 1975 in Germany, based in Malta; works and lives nomadically

Master’s in business economics; trained journalist

Arved Gintenreiter is a photographer focusing on emotional storytelling by combining classic photography with sound elements and text fragments. With a background in economics and journalism, his works mainly discuss topics of social and political nature, based in realism and research, broken down to the essence, and finally transformed into presentations of visual imagination and emotional experience, blurring the lines between documentary and fiction.

Having navigated diverse cultures from early years, Arved Gintenreiter is interested in relations of humanity – among each other and with the environment. Bringing together large-scale photographs, audio compositions, and words, creates an entertaining experience, provides factual information, and challenges the viewer with philosophical questions elevating discussed topics to a generalized level of ethics and ideals.

His photography projects are organized as conceptual audio-visual shows, which can be experienced both online as well as being displayed in an exhibition room.

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