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Photography - Sound - Text


Evolibrium is a delicate balance of nature: a stable equilibrium in the short term, a fragile evolutionary process over the years, decades, centuries.

Millions of years planet earth developed well just on its own, first without any species at all, then with creatures that came and went. A short time ago, relatively speaking, the human species emerged, surrounded by a lush habitat with an abundance of untouched nature and with an unimaginable diversity of species.

We humans conquered planet earth and made it ours, triggering the Anthropocene, moving the pendulum from being part of the delicate balance to dominating it all.

 But what if Homo sapiens sapiens, the crown of creation, got it all wrong and destroyed the place in the end? How would a world without bird songs sound like? How does a world without vegetation look like? How much change can we survive; and how much desolation would we want to endure?

This audio-visual project with a series of 15+1 large scale photographs, sound, and text, takes the viewer on an emotional journey into a world beyond the natural balance we know, nature turning hostile, our planet developing towards a new, radically altered Evolibrium.


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