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Workshop Details

This unique private photo workshop will skyrocket your photography skills within hours – while also capturing best Venice photos and exploring town.

(For focusing on black and white photography please check my private b&w photo workshops.)


All focus is put on on improving your photography and making you shoot great photos. We will walk through back alleys to the most scenic places in Venice, visiting each just at the right time of the day. For any subject we will “develop” a beautiful capture together, learning on the fly. This ensures not only a unique learning experience but also that you will take home a bunch of print-ready photos.

You will improve your technical skills as well as your creative eye; some photos will be planned and others shot spontaneously; you will learn special techniques and tips and tricks we photographers work with. Or if you are a beginner, I will take you from zero knowledge to fully understanding your camera and shooting manual.

Photographic topics and photo tour routes will be planned according to your skill level and interests. In this private Venice photo workshop you (and your friends) will be the only participants. No externals will be taken in.

Junior Venice Photo Workshop (6 hours, 1500 Euro):
Opt for a six hour private photography class in a row, or split to three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening for taking advantage of best photography light in Venice. With my guidance you will capture great images at the best spots, taking your photography skills to the next level. We will chat about photography related themes, history of and life in this beautiful city along the way.

Senior Workshop (1 Full Day Venice Photography Workshop from Twilight to Twilight, 3000 Euro):
Go for the absolute maximum of photography course skyrocketing your skills in just one day. Up to 15 hours and more time for exploring the best photo spots in Venice, elevating your photography skills several levels for sure, and capturing a broad variety of amazing Venice photos on top. We will also have plenty of time for deeply digging into all of your photographic interests.

Having lunch in a local restaurant as well as getting insight into Venetian culture will round-up your full day Venice photo experience. Discover beautiful places and less visited back alleys as well as hidden gems along the way. Get insight into history as well as daily life in town while focusing on improving your photography skills.

Within the full day Venice workshop an excursion to the colorful island of Burano can be planned if you like.

Why no short workshops

Initially as many colleagues in town I was also offering tours of two or three hours. This works well if you just want to be guided around and shoot a few nice pictures. For a real learning experience I have found this to be too short. Therefore I only offer durations from 6 hours upwards.


From beginners to experienced photographers all skill levels are welcome. Want to get most out of your (new) camera? Need guidance in techniques or composition? You are an experienced photographer not satisfied with your travel photos? Or just want to be shown the best photo locations in Venice with knowledge of when to best go where? Request availability now!


Junior Workshop (6 Hours): 1500€
up to four participants
accompanying children up to 16 years free

Senior Workshop Full Day Twilight to Twilight): 3000€
up to four participants
accompanying children up to 16 years free

Groups please contact me for pricing of a customized Venice photography workshop.



Cancellation Policy

The booking can be canceled with full refund until one month before your private Venice photography workshop starts. For later canceling 50% will be refunded.
Cancellation due to rain always full refund.

Availability: All year on request
Photography Instructor: Arved Gintenreiter
Please bring your own photo equipment

Workshop Review


    I could not have been more pleased and can recommend Arved to all skill levels. He will also take you to spots you could never find on your own.

    Ed Y.[30.07.2017]


    Arved is one of the most knowledgeable photographers we ever met. His true enthusiasm was impressive. We were so thrilled that we booked a second tour

    Eleanor M.C.[25.02.2017]


    Second workshop with Arved and again I learned so much! He took me to new locations and gave me another whole set of photography skills. Will be back!

    Celia H.[02.06.2015]


    Thanks to Arved our photos are without doubt professional grade. He had us rank amateurs shoot manual within 20 minutes. Worth every single penny!

    Rin K.[15.03.2015]


    Every time I think of Venice, I think about this absolutely unforgettable photo tour! Much more than expected and next time again! Thank you Arved

    Kathy T.[21.02.2015]


    Have a fair bit of photo experience and learnt a lot! Arved's great teaching adapts to all levels of expertise. Definite highlight in a beautiful city

    Pete L.[12.02.2015]


    Whether you want vacation shots, are a hobbyist, or a professional; I would highly recommend this great hands-on class in photography while in Venice.

    Susanne E.[09.01.2015]


    Arved explained in terms that anyone could understand what was happening with the camera. The whole experience a ten! I’d book again in a heartbeat.

    Rose K.[06.12.2014]


    You cannot get better than a day with Arved! What a memorable experience. Thank you!



    Arved knew where to go to get the light at just the right time and had several photography lessons at different locations. Definitely recommended!



    A very enriching experience, instructive and most enjoyable. Now I have no excuse for taking any dodgy photos. A steep learning curve well worth it!

    Rusty G.[03.11.2014]


    If you love photography, this is for you. Arved is a true professional and he is happy to share his substantial expertise. Highly recommended!!

    Rhyll G.[09.10.2014]


    Arved’s lessons made a world of difference for efficiency to my shooting. He also shared lots of tips on how, when and where to take certain photos.

    Xiaopu F.[24.09.2014]


    Into photography and want to learn more? Do this tour! I have learnt so much from Arved with pleasant style and manner. He has a great way of teaching

    Murray K.[24.08.2014]


    If you are into photography, look no further! Arved teaches with passion and subtlety. I definitely learned a few tricks that I never read in books.

    Prabeer P.[26.07.2014]


    Our dawn photo tour with Arved was incredible!! If you are in Venice a photo workshop tour with Arved is one of the best things you can do hands down.

    Faika F.[17.07.2014]


    I highly recommend Arved for a photography tour of Venice. He introduced me to shooting fully manual, expanding my toolkit. This tour was fabulous!

    Debra S.[24.06.2014]


    As an experienced photographer I learned more about photojournalism from Arved in a day than from 3 years College. And saw wonderful Venice! Thanks!

    Vicki Moritz[08.06.2014]


    With varying levels of experience Arved tailored the tour so that all three of us took away new techniques and learned a ton. A fantastic experience!

    Matt M.[06.06.2014]


    It's really difficult to express how brilliant Arved's teaching is! He taught me so many skills in very little time both easy to understand and retain

    Fran M.[04.06.2014]


    We arranged for a full day Master Class, which proved to a most enjoyable and instructive day. Arved taught us a lot, geared to our needs. Thank you!!

    Eb J[03.06.2014]


    If you have an interest in photography at any level and passion for beautiful cityscapes then Arved's Venice tour is an absolute must! A magical tour!

    Chris L.[02.06.2014]


    Arved is the best teacher! In next to no time he has you shooting manual mode like a pro! I learnt more in our 3 hour tour than on a 10 weeks course!

    Julie J.[01.06.2014]


    Arved is a great teacher and knows Venice very well. His patience and ability to talk you through details are invaluable for novice. Great experience!

    Anna U.[31.05.2014]


    I learned how to use my new camera, take better pictures, and see photo opportunities differently. Arved also showed us the "real Venice”.

    Sarah Curry[17.02.2014]


    Arved gives instruction so well you hardly know he's doing it. The result is getting pictures of Venice that put the professional ones to shame.

    Mike T.[16.02.2014]


    I had the pleasure of taking a Venice photo tour with Arved and didn't realise how much I did not know after 30 plus years of taking photos. Thanks.

    Laurie J.[16.02.2014]


    Arved is a really effective teacher. Suddenly you understand some of the tecky stuff that used to scare you. In the end I was shooting in Manual mode.

    Steve F.[10.02.2014]


    Arved is just awesome! He has extensive knowledge of Venice, and his kindness with the photographer and his subjects makes him a joy to be around.

    Sean S.[20.01.2014]


    I learned more about my camera than I thought was possible. After years of reading on my own, Arved helped me put things together. Worth every penny.

    Meagan M.[11.01.2014]


    With Arved's help, we went from taking a picture to taking "the" picture. His knowledge, guidance and patience made it a picture-perfect afternoon.

    Jenn D.[06.01.2014]


    I wanted to learn more technical aspects of photography. Now I can judge HOW I want to capture an image, instead of just WHAT. Highlight of my trip!

    Mohammed B.[03.01.2014]


    Such an enjoyable day and I learnt so much. Arved is the perfect mentor and great company. Highlight of my trip to Venice. Thoroughly recommended.

    Lisa Katsiaris[04.12.2013]


    Best combination of Venice tour plus photography class you could hope for. We learned to think about framing and light. Best experience of our trip!

    Bethany C.[31.10.2013]


    Arved is a wonderful photography tutor and Venice Guide. I learned lots of great tips and saw Venice from a different perspective.

    Pat O.[31.10.2013]


    Highlight of an exceptional trip! Arved is a patient photography teacher and great guide. I have wonderful photographs of this trip. Priceless to me.

    Brad A.[18.10.2013]


    We have taken many photography classes and Arved's far exceeded any class that we have taken. He also showed us a Venice we had never seen before.

    Dianne and Michele D.[12.10.2013]


    This remains the best excursion we've taken on any of our travels. We gained a skill that we can use forever. Arved was a GREAT teacher! Thank you!

    Christine M.[03.10.2013]


    Excellent tour. Arved was punctual, accommodating, and personable. He offered interesting tidbits of information about shooting and also of the city.

    Ray C[30.09.2013]


    We learned to view the world with an artistic eye and put more thought in to composition and taking that special shot. Fantastic, highly recommended!

    Shelley N.[23.09.2013]


    Arved was fun and is very knowledgeable about photography and the abilities of your camera. With his expertise, I was able to take some great photos!



    If you have any interest in photography and would enjoy a tour without the tourists to see the real Venice, I cannot recommend this tour highly enough

    Chris T.[17.09.2013]


    Not only is Arved a master at his craft and helped me capture some great shots, he also helped me recapture my creative mojo. Best tour of the trip!



    I did an all day tour. By the end of the day I had countless of cool photos, and learned how to compose/frame an incredible shot. Highly recommended.

    Reis S.[13.09.2013]


    Arved’s tips on using manual mode first time proved valuable for rest of my trip. He started slowly and increased the amount of info. Perfect for me...

    Steve M.[13.09.2013]


    Arved showed me manual setting and to wait for the perfect moment. This made following days much richer. I became more aware of everything around me.

    Dini P.[09.09.2013]


    With Arved's advice I took some fantastic pictures. Also instructions and techniques were excellent and he was great company too. A day well worth it.

    Peter S.[05.09.2013]


    Arved taught me how to take photos with my new camera. He is a very skilled and patient teacher as well as a thoroughly lovely bloke.

    Paula H.[31.08.2013]


    This was a real highlight of our stay in Venice and I would recommend to anyone, who wants to improve their camera technique in a lovely location.

    Dave W.[15.08.2013]


    As involved as you like, Great tips off the beaten track and you will come home with photographs not postcards. Definitely worth it.

    Frank C.[15.08.2013]


    Arved hat meine Fotografie wirklich bereichert und ging gezielt auf die Themen ein, die bei mir noch Potenzial haben. Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis.

    Florian E.[15.08.2013]


    Not only did this experience forever change the way my husband uses his camera, but it also gave us such a unique feel for Venice. Thank you!

    Jeanne L.[15.08.2013]


    I have been into photography for over 40 years and I have to say this was simply a treat. Arved is super personable and extremely talented.

    Terry M.[15.08.2013]


    Arved kann einem nicht nur viel über das Fotografieren beibringen, er ist auch ein toller Stadtführer. Eine wundervolle Tour, wir kommen wieder!!!

    Britta H.[15.08.2013]


    Arved is one of best photo trainers I worked with, this is beyond a photo walk or photo tour, it's a 1:1 coaching session in the most beautiful spots



    I consider myself to be a fairly experienced photographer. Arved made me think more of composition and use of my lenses. I will be rebooking next year

    Celia H.[10.07.2013]


    Thank you for all the photographic tips you gave my daughters. They have learnt a lot (thanks also for your patience with them!). A great experience.

    Andrew E.[03.07.2013]


    My skills improved remarkably because of Arved's kind, patient and professional approach. Missing any of the day with him seemed ridiculous.

    Anne J.[03.07.2013]


    Ich selbst war nur "Träger". Es hat mich aber total animiert, mich selbst mit Fotografie zu beschäftigen. Arved hat in jeder Hinsicht overdelivered.

    Henri V.[03.07.2013]


    Great for photographers and those interested in getting away from the crowds and seeing the true heart of Venice. Informative, fun, highly recommended

    Coby H.[27.06.2013]


    Arved hat mir beigebracht, dass fotografieren in M-Modus gar nicht so schlimm ist. Eine lehrreiche Tour. Venedig ohne Arved ist für uns kein Venedig.

    Monika V.[27.06.2013]


    Arved is a wonderful photography instructor and guide. I am a serious photographer. For me and my wife the day was a photographic learning experience.

    Harold K.[27.06.2013]


    Arved was amazing, so helpful, such a lovely man and we learnt so much! Nothing was too much trouble, especially for us with only little knowledge.

    Jan W.[27.06.2013]


    Our photo tour with Arved was the highlight of our Venice trip! Arved was awesome! A super nice guy, a true professional and a great, patient teacher.

    Katie and Rob G.[27.06.2013]


    Das beste, was man in Venedig machen kann! Arved zeigt einem Kamera-Einstellungen und wie man ein Bild zum Leben erwecken kann. Ein gelungener Tag!

    Nicole H.[27.06.2013]


    Arved is one of those gifted professionals that are excellent in helping you improve your photo technique and inspiring you to do more. Great images!



    We wanted to experience photography at the next level and quickly saw substantial improvements. On a scale to ten, we would rate Arved's tour an 11.

    Keith P.[27.06.2013]


    Arved's tour was well planned and fun. We learned a good deal about both travel photography and Venice and came home with great shots. Excellent tour!



    This was by far the highlight of our entire honeymoon in Italy. The images we've returned with are beyond anything we could have imagined. 10 stars!!!

    Raelene and Laurie J.[27.06.2013]


    Got valuable knowledge about my camera and photography. The quality of photos I have been taking since improved. Talk about exceeding expectations!



    I gave 6 stars if I could. Arved made our holiday very special, not only i learnt a LOT about photography, but also about Venice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

    Joanna and Yannick M.[27.06.2013]


    Arved helped understand my camera and how to use various modes and settings. The variety of scenes and lighting conditions included was exceptional.

    Catherine A.[27.06.2013]


    Whatever your level, Arved will learn you about photography. For a photographic master-class in Venice go no further than Arved. Highly to be praised!

    James C.[27.06.2013]


    Arved tutored us on photographic techniques and composition. Our skills have vastly improved and our photographs are so much better now.

    Gayle and Steven D.[27.06.2013]


    If you love photography not miss a tour with this friendly guy with real creative talent. Arveds way of instructing photography was really amazing.

    Ozan A.[27.06.2013]


    Arved is a brilliant teacher, letting you develop at your own pace. Five stars really doesn't do it justice! I wished to find an Arved in every city!

    Kevin B.[27.06.2013]


    This was the most enjoyable and informative photographic day that I have had and best value for money spent. I have vastly improved my photography.

    Alison P.[27.06.2013]


    A+ for technical skills and creative insights as an instructor. A+ for locations and settings. A+ for being friendly and helpful. A+ for value.

    Gerald S.[27.06.2013]


    Arved was the very best teacher. Within minutes the technical quality of my images improved 100%. Also he taught me taking photographs not snapshots

    Paul D.[27.06.2013]


    This is much more than an excellent photo tour. Arved is extremely professional and very easy going. Book a tour and you'll end up loving it!

    Adrian S.[27.06.2013]


    I have taken many photography tours all over the UK and World and simply, Arved is by far the best! He is fun/brilliant/knowledgeable/second to none

    Andrea W.[27.06.2013]


    I can't recommend Arved highly enough. If you have time, take this course, it's a must. A fabulous time with a great teacher!

    Mike B.[27.06.2013]


    We ended the day praising Arved to the rafters. Arved was friendly, helpful, attentive and most of all patient. History snippets added to a great day

    Kate B.[27.06.2013]


    I was shown things I would never have found my own. Arved’s experience as a travel photographer really shows. A truly fantastic day in hidden Venice

    Marc C[27.06.2013]


    I did the all day tour, which proved to be extremely priceless for me. After spending the day with Arved, I will never shoot in Auto ever again.

    Matt G.[27.06.2013]


    Arved offered exercises and tips on how to best capture Venice. After each he reviewed and critiqued our photos. An enthusiastic A+ experience.

    Ken C.[27.06.2013]


    Arved is charming and a good teacher. By the end of the morning I was using manual settings and thinking about exposure. A fantastic morning!

    Lorraine and Andy C.[27.06.2013]


    Best photo tour ever! Arved is one amazing guy, one amazing tour guide and now one amazing friend! Out of 10 stars - we give Arved's Tour 12 stars!

    Kathy and James R.[20.06.2013]


    Come rain, sunshine or flood, this tour is a definite must-do! Arved’s photography tips got us thinking more about what goes into a picture.

    Jill K.[20.06.2013]


    Arved made sure we were getting what we wanted out of the tour. I would highly recommend going on Arved's tour and can't wait to return again one day!



    An absolute must-do for photographers! Arved quickly got a feel for my skills and tailored his tuition. I learned about composition, light and more.

    May Lee W.[20.06.2013]


    It was my 5th visit to Venice and saw areas never been to before. Do it early in your stay, you will be using the camera skills all the time after!

    Tammy G.[20.06.2013]


    A great way to explore Venice and brush up on photography tips! Arved was a great guide and teacher and did get me thinking about new ways to see.

    Tod C.[20.06.2013]


    From the first photo I knew this tour was the right decision. Absolutely amazing! I learned so much, can't wait to practice. LOVE my Venice photos.

    Ski and Laura[20.06.2013]


    Arved made me fall in love with my SLR camera all over again. I can't say enough about how great he and his tours are. I LOVED everything about this!

    Gretchen B.[20.06.2013]


    I had the time of my life exploring the interiors of Venice. Arved taught me so much about photography. Highly recommended to all photo enthusiasts!

    Vasundhara P.[20.06.2013]


    I recommend Arved to anyone who has a true interest in not only capturing beautiful images of Venice but also improving their technique in photography

    Raj D.[20.06.2013]


    Learned exposure, speed, and crazy dials I never used before. I read books explaining the mumbo jumbo, but walking and doing with Arved made it click.

    Julie J.[13.06.2013]


    Happened upon a photographer who was booked and recommended Arved. I couldn't be happier, it rocked! Got some photography advice and just had a blast.

    Heather M.[13.06.2013]


    You will not regret your decision to spend your day with Arved! My pictures are something I’ll have forever and help me remember this beautiful city...

    Tina G.[13.06.2013]


    Arved is an excellent and accomplished photographer with a keen eye for color, composition, and interesting scenes. I highly recommend!

    Paul H.[13.06.2013]


    I have experienced other workshops and a range of teaching styles. Arved is on par with the best. He teaches you making a photo, not taking a photo.

    Eric C.[13.06.2013]


    I can wholeheartedly recommend Arved and his FANTASTIC tour. He knows his photography inside and out and is an excellent teacher. Not to be missed!

    Robyn R.[13.06.2013]


    Arved is a knowledgeable, patient, and great teacher. It shows that he enjoys teaching. He makes you think about an image before shooting. Thank you!

    Tara D.[13.06.2013]


    Arved is knowledgeable, conscientious, kind and FUN! I got so much more than expected at booking. I highly recommend Arved's Venice Photo Walk.

    Josi R.[13.06.2013]


    Arved showed us Venice in a way you never could discover on your own. He always has an idea, how to make a picture more vivid and expressive.

    Sabine H.[13.06.2013]


    Arved is a gifted photographer and very good instructor. I had a fantastic day, and almost completely forgot my tired legs from all the walking.

    Oeyvind T.[13.06.2013]


Venice, Italy

The Historic City Center of Venice makes a wonderful place for a photo workshop, with its classics as well as less visited local areas, hidden spots, and back alleys

On your request we can also visit the lagoon islands like colorful Burano

Send an availability request and we will start planning your Venice photography workshop now!


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