Photographer, Storyteller

Born 1975 in Germany, based in Malta; works and lives nomadically

Arved Gintenreiter is a photographer with focus on emotional storytelling, combining classic photography with audio elements and text. His works discuss contemporary envrionmental, social, and political matters.

Born 1975 in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, partly growing up in Pakistan and Turkey, he navigated diverse cultures, norms, and points of view throughout his life. Though he had already been passionate about photography as a teen, his professional career first took a different turn: master’s degree in business economics, traineeship as a journalist, reporter and editor for a news agency. 2009 he breaks with his prior career and follows his heart pursuing photography.

First, he contributes to picture-alliance photo stock agency as a freelancer and teaches photography workshops. In recent years, he concentrated on own projects, exploring how break down and transform complex subjects into audio-visual experiences.

2015-2021 he worked on his latest show “Evolibrium – Transformative Chaos at a Crossroads”, exploring a (fictional?) change of the natural environment beyond imagination.